Having monitored and evaluated the energy crisis, which continues unabated in South and Southern Africa, we at Ecofoam identified the need to address and provide comprehensive and complete insulation and coating solutions to assist in reducing the national grid energy demand and compliance with the National Building Regulations, viz. SANS 10400-XA:2011 “Energy Usage in Buildings”. These services simultaneously provide direct utility and maintenance savings to a broad spectrum of clients and companies across various market segments.

Our specialised application of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation and Polyurea coatings is not limited to new buildings or structures but includes restoration, rehabilitation and re-decorative requirements.

Our business is based on high moral values, sound ethics and mutual trust. The products and chemicals we use are of superior quality and have been carefully selected to ensure compliance with environmental and statutory requirements.

We adhere to and embrace the challenge of remaining at the forefront of ever-changing trends, rigorous customer time-line demands and non-negotiable adherence to product quality and service excellence.

Ecofoam has invested substantially in state of the art equipment and mobile, self-contained and cost efficient spray application rigs that operate throughout South Africa.

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It is our belief that our competitive edge lies in our honesty, flexibility, response time and personalised commitment to the development of long term, mutually beneficial business relationships and service excellence.


We aspire to be South Africa’s preferred spray foam insulation and polyurea coating applicator -preferred by contractors, builders, architects, building science professionals, and homeowners for our integrity and industry-leading solutions.


To realise our Vision we will partner with the most professional and reliable product suppliers in the insulation and coatings industry.


Customer focus – Exceed our customer expectations and ask, “What else can we do for you?”

Integrity  – Do the right thing, always

Respect Uphold the dignity and rights of everyone involved with us

Passion  – Make Ecofoam a company we can be proud of

Innovation  Research and deliver the best solutions

Teamwork – We are Ecofoam. When Ecofoam wins, our clients win

Responsiveness Always listen and be ready and willing to act.

Ecofoam Offers Spray Foam Insulation and Polyurea Coating Solutions for the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Marine Sectors throughout South Africa

Our spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications are designed to outperform and outlast other types of insulation and protective coatings.

Spray foam applications both insulate and air seal buildings in one step whilst polyurea applications cure in seconds to form a superior seamless, rubber-like skin, which is highly resistant to impact, punctures, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.

Residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors

  • Insulation & coating of buildings – roofs, ceilings, floors & walls incl. cavity fills
  • Insulation of cold storage facilities, freezers, walk-in coolers & climate controlled buildings including poultry houses and piggeries
  • Coating of pipes, tanks, poles, masts, parking decks, water treatment plants, manholes, sewers, theme/water parks, playgrounds, aquariums, pools, truck beds, railcars & ornamental designs
  • Line striping & joint sealing/caulking

Marine sector

  • Flotation for boats, ships, barges, buoys, docks & leisure devices
  • Coating of steel, aluminium, & fibreglass hulls, decks, bilges & fish holds

Other sectors

  • Foam & coatings for movie/theatre sets & props, ornamental building fascias, themed characters & artificial rocks
  • Structural backing for spas & hot-tubs